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mycatnetenclosure offers outdoor cat pens/enclosures/patios for any cat run need. We also offer cat netting installation service customized to your specifications.WE ALSO INSTALL LARGE AREAS.


Installing a cat enclosure helps your feline pets enjoy the outdoor environment without exposing them to predators or other cats that may pose the threat of a fight and injury. You feel safe and confident having your cat enjoying the outdoors.


Made from high quality Australian standards and materials, our enclosures are cat-friendly. We specialize in outdoor cat enclosures that can withstand all types of weathers and serve as an adventure playground for your dearest pet. Browse our website for a variety of designs or get in touch with us to arrange for a quote.


We offer outdoor enclosures that connect to your home so that your cat can always stay close to you. We see to it that the feline enjoys fresh air but doesn’t get bored. We arrange playthings for your kitty and can even install a PET door to your house and a runner to connect it.


Our range includes enclosures in various colors and galvanized and even powder-coated finish. If you are looking for a particular color to match the colors of your house, we arrange that too. We never limit our range to specific sizes of enclosures. That’s why you will find a variety of cat enclosure sizes here at MYCATNETENCLOSURES.


Our enclosures cater to anywhere from homes to retirement villages, catteries and breeders. We know a lot of creative ways in which cat netting installations can be done. Cats love nothing more than sleeping in the sun. Our range comes with accessories for your cat’s entertainment and comfort too so that when he/she is done sleeping, he/she can play or explore.


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